M&T Event Entertainment


M & T Event Entertainment is a team dedicated to creating a positive impact. We work with you to plan events that are breathtaking, exciting, meaningful and fun. Everyone has a story...share yours with us!
Weddings are our specialty. We believe that every wedding should be unique. By sharing your personality, style, and sense of humor, we can create an awesome wedding that is personal, fun, and completely original!
Music is an extremely important part of any celebration. It's the soundtrack for your event. I am a professionally trained DJ that will work with you to arrange an outstanding playlist. Everyone will have fun dancing the night away!
We offer three separate photo booth experiences. There is the traditional photo booth with fun, quality props. Next, is our Magic Mirror, the ultimate selfie! Animated prompts guide you through your session. Our top-notch Green Screen with dazzling digital backgrounds will transport you anywhere in the world that you dream to go!
On your wedding day, you feel like your feet never touch the ground. Share this feeling with your guests and 'dance on the clouds'. Choose a spotlight or shoot for the moon with our starry night, moon projection and up-lighting package to create a magical experience!
My favorite part is the chance to share your love story. Your guests will have fun learning about how you met, fell in love and everything that had led to your special day. Your guests will want to celebrate with you even more!
Our lighting can create beautiful washes, wonderful accents, and add textures to your event. Let our specialists enhance your event or wedding with light or create an exciting dance floor!
Ever wonder how an event seems to go perfectly? One word.. staging. Creating the maximum impact requires careful planning and staging. This subtle technique can create a huge positive effect on your celebration.
There is something awesome about having your name in lights. Our monograms go a step further by providing color. Take that a step further and you have a motion monogram. Your guests will be amazed when it comes to life before their eyes!
Your Grand Entrance is an exciting time. Everyone is waiting for your first appearance as a new couple. Why not enter in style? We would love to discuss your ideas and custom tailor your grand entrance to your personality!
While our ideas are good, we would much rather hear yours. Let us help you personalize your event. Your guests will love your unique and original wedding!
We have a soft spot for those who love karaoke. That is why we have top-notch equipment designed exclusively for this activity. You will have a fun, memorable experience!

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