Keith and Irina Cross’s Love Story

Keith and Irina’s Love Story

This Love Story begins on two different sides of thworld. Keith and Irina were born 9 months apart in 1984. Irina was born in Russia on January 6th and Keith in Md. on October 4th. Irina had a happy childhood and loved spending time reading, painting, picking mushrooms and herbs from the garden and generally just liked being outside. She had quite a collection of dogs, cats, birds, fish and even a turtle.

Keith loved playing in the woods, rolling around in the mud, collecting insects and playing baseball. He was also a huge sci-fi fan. He always wanted to learn guitar but did not start until he was 16. It must have had a major impact because he chose to major in Music. He received a Bachelor’s in Sound Recording Tech from The University of Massachusetts. Irina received a Bachelor’s in IT and Business Administration.

How they met

This part is near and dear to my heart. Keith and Irina’s love story begins with Plenty O’ Fish. (That is where I met my wife too.) Keith created a profile pic where he photoshopped the abs from Robocop on himself. Somehow, Irina found his profile and really liked his creativity, so she messaged him. Now, there are some wild facts in this part of the story. Irina was out of his dating range and they would not have met otherwise. Irina says that Keith’s awesome ability with photo-shop brought them together. And Keith was about to delete his account because he was disappointed with the results. Keith is amazed by the fact that they always have a great time together even when they have nothing planned.

They began talking and decided to meet in Reston, Va. at McCormick and Schmick’s Steak House. Dinner started out slow where they exchanged awkward jokes with each other. Afterward, they had coffee together and things started to lighten up as the conversation turned to movies. Keith saw Irina smile and that is when the night became hopeful. They ended the evening at a small dance club where Keith impressed Irina with his amazing dance moves. Keith and Irina really hit it off as they said this was the longest date that either had been on.

Three weeks later, Keith knew that Irina was the girl for him. Keith asked Irina to be his exclusive girlfriend and she happily agreed. About a month and a half later, Keith and Irina were dancing at a Brazilian nightclub when the love bug bit Keith. As he stated ‘It just hit me’. Keith took a trip to England and when he returned, they met to watch a movie together. Irina had been waiting for Keith to say what he had been feeling. She finally turned around and stated matter-of-factually ‘I love you’. Keith was shocked at the suddenness and chuckled his reply ‘I love you too’.

The Proposal

In 2016, vacation was planned to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Keith knew he was going to propose during that vacation. On August 11th, Keith took Irina by the hand and led her down to the beach for a moonlit stroll. When they arrived, there was a path made of candles that led to a small altar. Keith professed his love for Irina, pulled out her engagement ring, got on one knee and proposed. Irina accepted his proposal and to top it off, they both witnessed a magnificent meteor shower, sort of nature’s fireworks!

During the engagement photo shoot, the photographer asked them both to shout out a number and they both enthusiastically said ‘7’. Irina has always liked the number 7 and that is why we are here on the seventh day of the seventh month in the year 2017 where we witnessed these two best friends vow their love to one another. I am honored to be a part of this special day and to help celebrate their union. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Keith and Irina Cross!

This reception was held at the beautiful Purple Iris in Martinsburg, WV. Tiffany and the staff were amazing as usual. Amandamations was the photographer and was wonderful to work with.

Nikki and Ryan Martin’s Love Story

Nikki and Ryan Martin’s Love Story

I would like to share with you the Love Story between Nikki and Ryan. It all began back in 1993. Penny and David Martin got caught up in the spirit of the Christmas holiday. Meanwhile, Missy and Joseph Woodrum were keeping each other warm in February. Unbeknownst to both of them 9 months later, Nikki and Ryan were born.

Nikki grew up in Greenbrier County and Ryan grew up in Mercer County. She loved horseback riding, playing in the creek and 4H camp while Ryan was a sportsman- He learned to hunt and fish but also liked baseball and football.

How they met

Nikki and Ryan met when they were 17. Nikki’s best friend was dating Ryan’s best friend and they ran into one another often. One day the subject of hunting came up. Nikki had never been hunting, so Ryan asked if she wanted to go. Although she did not like the idea of shooting animals, she did enjoy the company.

One night Ryan was dropping Nikki off at her house and she casually said, ‘See you later, love ya!’ (This was something that she said to her parents) Well, Ryan started laughing and joked with his friends ‘Do you know that Nikki loves me?’ But it was not long before Nikki and Ryan started to fall in love. They had dinner and went to the movies but couldn’t remember what happened on the date. All they knew was they wanted to be together. Ryan was off every Friday from school and Nikki was constantly in trouble because she would cut class.

Later that year tragedy almost struck. While attending the fair, Ryan ate Nikki’s cinnamon bun and it caused such a fight that Nikki almost broke up with him. Remember Ryan, never get in between Nikki and a delicious cinnamon pastry!

In 2013, Nikki graduated from James Monroe High and Ryan graduated from Ballard Christian School. They graduated on the same day, so they could not see each other. Nikki and Ryan bought a house on Bunker Hill. Nikki went to college at New River and then Bluefield State where she will graduate next year! Ryan went straight into the workforce at Jennmar where he creates roof supports for the coal mines.

The proposal

Several weeks before Nikki’s 19th birthday, Ryan started acting secretive. Nikki thought it was gift related and was hoping for a puppy. Ryan wanted to have a little birthday party for her at the church but Nikki told him she would rather have it at a little restaurant in Peterstown called ‘Hometown’. Nikki and Ryan’s immediate family were there and after the order arrived, she noticed Ryan had dropped his sandwich & spilled his tea. He was never clumsy before, but it still didn’t click. Nikki opened her gifts and when it got to Ryan, Nikki opened up some stuff from Victoria’s Secret. She was stumped. Nikki was sure there was a puppy around here somewhere. As she was thanking everyone for coming, Ryan said he had one more gift. He nervously pulled out a scrap piece of paper and after reciting some sweet words Ryan asked Nikki to be his wife. She said yes!

It wasn’t long before they heard the pitter-patter of little paws. Nikki received her new golden retriever puppy, Bogart and you saw him in the ceremony today. Nearly 6 years after they met each other, we were witness to the wedding that has happened today, July 1st, 2017. I am honored to be a part of this special day and to work with this amazing couple. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Nikki and Ryan Martin!

This wedding and reception were held at The Old Salt Sulpher Springs.

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Rion and Mary Ann Wimer’s Love Story

Rion and Mary Ann Wimer’s Love Story

This is the Love Story about how Rion and Mary Ann met. It also has audience participation. What makes this story fascinating is it has so many parallels and many mirrored events. There are more parallels than a globe and more mirrors than a fun house.

Rion and Mary Ann #YEAH!! both grew up on cattle farms. Mary Ann grew up on a farm in Romney and Rion grew up on a farm in Keyser. Even though Mary Ann loved sports and church, she was very active in 4-H same as Rion who was also a member of the FFA. They both helped raise beef cattle for the fair and market.

Mary Ann attended Hampshire High and Rion was at Keyser High They both wound up in college at WVU. Rion went to Potomac State first and then WVU while Mary Ann started there. Well, Mary Ann went to pursue pharmaceuticals and Rion became a highway engineer. Now, by this time, you may think that the trail goes cold but I say Nay, Nay.

Mary Ann’s father Dick worked with Rion and his cousins attended the same church as Mary Ann. (You can see it warming up, so here we go.) In 2013, Aunt Sue started talking about this wonderful girl and encouraged Rion to met her. Finally, in January of 2014, he worked up the courage to reach out and talk to her. Rion and Mary Ann #YEAH!! continued phone conversations for about 2 months. Rion said that they should go on a date and Mary Ann agreed.

They decided to go dinner and then catch the sequel to 300 at the Alamo Draft House. Calamity struck when Rion called Mary Ann with bad news #OH NO!!… he was running late. (Not good for a first date.) Somehow, Mary Ann saw past it and accepted his apology. Since they were running late, the nice dinner they planned changed to having dinner at the Alamo. Surprisingly, (Or was it??) #Twilight Zone, Rion’s cousins were at the theater too.

Rion and Mary Ann #YEAH!! grew to love each other and on a trip back from Virginia Beach, Rion said those three magic words. On their anniversary, they made their relationship official and six months after that, Rion and Mary Ann #YEAH!! had the idea that this could be permanent.

Rion knew that Mary Ann loved to go on walks. They had wonderful conversations and talked about their dreams and plans. On June 11th, 2016, they took a walk along the river at Mary Ann’s family farm. It was a beautiful sunny day and Rion had more than just a walk planned that day. He was nervous but he planned to propose along the riverbank. He didn’t want to arouse any suspicion, so he took the ring out of the box and put it in his pocket. When he felt the moment was right, he pulled the ring out, knelt to one knee and said ‘ Mary Ann Kirk-ken-dall, will you marry me?’ Mary Ann responded ‘Yes’ and started to cry.

Thus began the whirlwind of plans for the wedding that has happened today, June 24th, 2017. I am honored to be a part of this special day and to work with this amazing couple. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Rion and Mary Ann Wimer.

This wedding reception was held at The Romney Volunteer Fire Department Hall.

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