Sydney’s Sweet 16

Sydney’s Sweet 16

Tonight, I had the pleasure of performing for Sydney’s Sweet 16 party at the Lisbon Volunteer Fire Company in Lisbon, Md. Everyone enjoyed a pizza party and a candy buffet. Sydney and her friends sat down with me before the party and we discussed what music they would like to hear. Everyone agreed that hip-hop, pop, and classic rock tunes were the soundtrack for the evening.

One of my favorite moments was the glow stick toss. Everyone received glow sticks and I played “Turn down for what” Just before the drop, they tossed the sticks in the air. It was awesome! There was a lot of tired, achy feet but also fond memories and happy hearts.

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Does anyone sell passion?

Does anyone sell passion?

Who is selling passion these days? Many companies talk about how great their equipment is and their awesome ability to rock a wedding. They talk about the wonderful packages they have and how they are ‘the best in town’! But very few choose to actually create a personal relationship with their couples. So many chances are lost when we do all of the planning.

I want to know about you

I choose to talk to you and explore your personality and style. By listening and taking notes, I find out who you are and what you want. I learn about your hopes and dreams. This is your wedding, not my interpretation. My purpose is to ask how you want your reception to be. I want to know what your passion is and expectations are, not to dictate mine.

Most importantly, I want to know why. Not to criticize your choice, but rather to understand the story behind your decision. Why is this important to you? Why did you choose this song? It is one of the keys to personalizing your wedding and it will guarantee to create wonderful memories. Contact me at M & T Event Entertainment and share your passion with me today.


A 40-Hour Wedding

The 40-hour wedding

Have you ever heard of a 40-hour wedding? Really? It happens at almost every wedding that I perform. It takes a lot of time and work to create a fun wedding. Let me break it down…

Before the planning even begins, there are phone calls, emails, and other correspondence. Once we have agreed to an initial consultation, I want to know who you are. I want to hear about your dreams, your expectations, and concerns. We explore ways to create the greatest positive impact for you and your guests.

Then, there are 2 planning meetings, music research, downloading of music, programming, Itinerary reviews, modifications, rewrites, contacting and working with the venue, the photographer, and caterer, not to mention the hours I spent planning on my own.

This wedding includes a ceremony, cocktails, reception, lighting, and a photo booth.

Travel to venue for rehearsal- 1hr
Rehearsal- 2 hrs
Travel back home- 1hr
Loading the van- 1 hr
Travel to venue- 1 hr
Set-up the event- 4 hrs
The ceremony started at 3 PM. 6-hour event- 6 hrs
Break-down the event- 3 hrs
Travel back home- 1 hr
Unload the van- 1 hr
Total= 21 hrs

This just represents the time dedicated to the reception.

Contact me at M & T Event Entertainment to learn more.

Nathan and Taylor Boyd’s Wedding

Nathan and Taylor Boyd Wedding

Nathan and Taylor Boyd married their best friend today. They have loved each other since High School and today I was truly honored to play a part in their wedding celebration. It was held at the beautiful Wild Goose Farm in Shepherdstown, WV. Taylor surprised everyone as she arrived in a horse-drawn carriage from Country Roads Carriages in Martinsburg, WV. After the ceremony, they offered anyone who wanted a ride around the farm.

 Nathan and Taylor’s First Dance created some special moments. Taylor’s dance with her father Tony Oates was incredibly moving.  A remembrance dance was “You Should Be Here” by Cole Swindell. Nathan’s sisters, Brittany and Lindsay and other family members joined him.

Dinner and Dancing

Dinner was fantastic and the bartenders kept the spirits flowing all night. Rachel Lehman from Blackbird Photography
was on hand to capture every special moment. Everyone couldn’t wait to get on the dance floor. 
Things really kicked into high gear as two dudes squared off in an epic dance battle to “Billie Jean’…It was awesome

There was a sparkler send-off and the night ended with everyone gathered in a circle singing “Country Roads” by John Denver at the top of their lungs. A truly magnificent night!

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