Why do I love what I do?

Why do I love what I do?

Why do I love what I do? I get the unique chance to develop relationships with families looking to celebrate and discover emotional connections that create unforgettable moments. Moments that take your breath away and create an emotional bond with your guests. My involvement in your event is much more than just playing music.

I love:
The sentiment of sharing your love story
The moment where a father is overcome while dancing with his daughter
The excitement of a Grand Entrance
Honoring a soldier who has returned home to their family
Helping family members remember those who have passed on
The smile on the couple’s face as I share why they choose a certain song for their first dance
The celebration of a birthday
Honoring those who willingly sacrifice their lives to protect and serve our community
Celebrating with a couple who have been together for 50 years
Giving one more chance for a husband to dance with his wife who has dementia

Emotions connect us all in some way. They play a big part in our lives and we should be thankful that we get to express them through laughter, tears, expressions of joy, wonder, sentiment, and love.

M & T Event Entertainment


How much do you charge?

How much do you charge?

Recently, I was asked how much I charge for a Sweet 16 party. Below is my response.


Thank you for the opportunity to answer this important question.

Martha Stewart is quoted as saying” The DJ is responsible for 80% of an event’s success.” That success depends on how much planning is involved. Some Sweet 16’s are just a party and others are like a small wedding. What kind of party does your child want? How important is peace of mind to you?

My DJ prices range from $850 to several thousand. First, I factor in equipment cost. I find out what your expectations are and what is important to you. Together, we explore everything that interests your daughter and look for ways to personalize her event. It can be simple or extravagant, the choice is completely yours.

Next, is the experience. I have performed at hundreds of events. My purpose is to get to know about your personality, style, likes, and dislikes. I want this event to be successful just as much as you do.

How well does your entertainer listen?

It all comes down to TRUST. Investigate each prospect, find out what experience they sell. Make sure it all checks out. Ask for references, read reviews. Have an actual meeting with them and see if it all matches up. What are they using to plan your event? Is everything contained in an Itinerary or Party Planner? Are they actually listening to your wants and needs? Are they asking questions and taking notes? How do they answer you? Are they offering you helpful advice or just bragging about how good they are? It says volumes about their professionalism.

A few key things they SHOULD HAVE:
A website and Facebook account with content that pertains to the services that you are looking for. No drama or political opinions.
A professional e-mail address. No G-mail account.
A contract. It is for your protection as well.
Insurance. Again, it protects you as well.
Legal music. The music is edited with better sound compression.
Safety cables for lighting to protect against fixtures falling off.

NOTE: If anyone tries to hang any equipment above your head( trusses, flying speakers, lighting), they must have RIGGER’S INSURANCE. This is quite different than regular DJ insurance. It is very expensive and hard to get. Hanging fixtures without it is illegal. If something falls, that is the end of business for that DJ.

Contact me if you should have any other questions. I will be happy to answer them!

Michael Thoma, Owner M & T Event Entertainment