9 Simple tips to handle being the center of attention

How to handle being the center of attention

Don’t you just love being the center of attention? The nervous smile, sweaty palms, the feel of every eye on you? While some people thrive on the influx of attention, others want to curl up in a corner. Well, the truth is that at some point in your life, you will be the center of attention. When you are the one being celebrated, it is very hard to escape the attention. What do you do?

Rule #1 Breathe. Take a deep breath and exhale evenly. You’ve got this!

Rule #2 Smile. Smiling will help you feel better and put everyone around you at ease. You will feel more comfortable being the center of attention.

Rule #3 Own the moment. This is your day, own it. People who love and care about you are here to celebrate with you.

Rule #4 Speak from the heart. There is no need to prepare a long speech. A few words heartfelt words is all that is needed to show your appreciation.

Rule #5 Include everyone. After your heartfelt speech, let everyone know to just have fun. This will set the tone for your party.

Rule #6 Keep conversation light and upbeat. When your family and friends talk with you, laugh and joke with them.

Rule #7 Personally introduce your spouse. Take your spouse to each table and introduce them. Having someone by your side can help with the feeling of awkwardness.

Rule #8 Reflect your personality. If you have a sense of humor, show it. Allow your guests to join in the fun.

Rule #9 Do not be afraid to ask for help. It can be overwhelming. There is no shame in asking your best friends for a little help. They will be happy to come to the rescue!

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