How to choose your song


I need to pick out a song or two for my party. What do I do?

We, as human beings relate to music. It creates the soundtrack of our lives. Have you ever heard someone say “Man, that song takes me back.”  Back where? It means back to a memory that was created by that song. Music is a time machine of sorts. What is it that “takes you back?”

Take some time to pick out songs that mean something personal to you. It could be a timeline in your relationship, a family milestone, or it could mirror your life perfectly. You might choose something that you enjoyed in high school or college. You can also choose songs that make you happy or just feel like dancing. There is nothing wrong with that.

What will this do?

Your family and friends love you and have come to celebrate with you. Everyone will see your personality shine through music and they will be drawn even closer to you. Spend some quality time together, remembering the good times it represented. Who knows? One day, years from now, you may hear that song and say “Man, that takes me back”

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