A 40-Hour Wedding

The 40-hour wedding

Have you ever heard of a 40-hour wedding? Really? It happens at almost every wedding that I perform. It takes a lot of time and work to create a fun wedding. Let me break it down…

Before the planning even begins, there are phone calls, emails, and other correspondence. Once we have agreed to an initial consultation, I want to know who you are. I want to hear about your dreams, your expectations, and concerns. We explore ways to create the greatest positive impact for you and your guests.

Then, there are 2 planning meetings, music research, downloading of music, programming, Itinerary reviews, modifications, rewrites, contacting and working with the venue, the photographer, and caterer, not to mention the hours I spent planning on my own.

This wedding includes a ceremony, cocktails, reception, lighting, and a photo booth.

Travel to venue for rehearsal- 1hr
Rehearsal- 2 hrs
Travel back home- 1hr
Loading the van- 1 hr
Travel to venue- 1 hr
Set-up the event- 4 hrs
The ceremony started at 3 PM. 6-hour event- 6 hrs
Break-down the event- 3 hrs
Travel back home- 1 hr
Unload the van- 1 hr
Total= 21 hrs

This just represents the time dedicated to the reception.

Contact me at M & T Event Entertainment to learn more.

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