Event Productions


M & T Event’s staff includes:

A professional musician who has many years of experience with many types of audio equipment allowing her to select the right equipment from M & T Event’s inventory for the clients needs. She is also available to be an impartial judge for any contests M & T Events may be hosting.

An electronic technician to keep the equipment well maintained to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

A certified computer technician to keep our PC’s running optimally since nearly all our music is on our computers.

A professional set and costume designer with a masters degree plus many years of experience.

M & T Events is the only DJ service to have these people on staff and/or on call to provide the best level of service available and still maintain our competitive prices.


M & T Events maintains a large inventory of gear to allow us to select the correct equipment for your job. We have a number of PA systems to accommodate many venues from the smallest intimate gathering to a large outdoor event.

We also maintain a large inventory of lights and light effects to make your event memorable.

M & T Events is also constantly adding new equipment, lights, props, etc to make your event special.


M &T Events Code of Assurance

Hiring a DJ that you don’t know can be a scary thing. Trust is very important when choosing someone to be in charge of your special day. That is why we offer our Code of Assurance:

We will offer a refund for failure of any of the following:

1. Your DJ….M & T Events assures that your DJ will in fact be the DJ that you were promised. Only acts of God such as floods, earthquakes, etc. will keep us from performing. We offer a full calendar year to schedule a new date. We are not a talent agency. There is never a bait and switch.

2. Planning….. M & T Events assures to help you, not only with the music selections, but to also help you with planning your event with unlimited phone and e-mail consultations and 24/7 access to our online planners. Even though it may seem that you are only booking M & T Events for 3 to 6 hours, in reality we log 15-30 hours or more of planning for your special event.

3. Coordination….. M & T Events assures to help coordinate your event in conjunction with your other professionals. This means you can rest assured that everyone, from your Photographer, Videographer, Caterers, etc., will be on the same page during your special event.

4. Attire….. M & T Events assures to be properly attired for your event. You have the choice of our attire, from casual to full-formal, we will be dressed to fit your event.

5. Performance….. M & T Events assures to be at the venue to perform on the day and hours stated on your contract. With the exception of any Acts of God such as floods, earthquakes, etc. prevent us from performing. We will arrive at your event at least 1 hour before the agreed start time.

6. Formal Songs….. M & T Events assures to have all of the songs for your formal dances and other special dances as long as we are given the list 2 weeks prior to your event and the songs are commercially available. If there is a song that is unavailable commercially and you can provide the song to us prior to your event in mp3 format, we will be glad to accommodate your request for that as well.

7. Sound System….. M & T Events assures to provide a professional mobile DJ sound system and that the sound system will not be an eye sore. The equipment will be of professional grade and not home stereo equipment.

8. Conduct….. M & T Events assures professional, courteous conduct and interaction with you and your guests during your event. We do not drink alcoholic beverages at your event and you will hear no foul language from our voices.

9. Direction…… M & T Events assures to follow reasonable directions from you, including but not limited to volume adjustment and music content.

10. Back Up Equipment….. M & T Events assures to have back-up equipment available at your event. M & T Events uses professional sound and dance lighting and we guarantee to always have back-up equipment at your event, just in case of any malfunction.

11. Requests….. M & T Events assures to have and play as many of your requests as possible as long as we are given your requests list 2 weeks prior to your event and your requests are commercially available and radio-edited. If you have requests for songs that are unavailable commercially, and you can provide them to us prior to your event in mp3 format, we will be glad to accommodate your requests for those as well. We will also be happy to play requests from your guests if approved by you.

12. Music….. M & T Events assures to only play clean radio-edited music free of all foul language. You are free to submit play lists and DO NOT PLAY lists

This is not just a sales pitch. We will always take responsibility for something that is within our control.


M & T Events Beliefs

We believe in listening. We know that you have a lot to say.

We believe that no event should ever have to be the same as any other event. Your guests will love it!

We believe that everyone deserves to see our best work. Be our Mona Lisa.

We believe in getting to know you personally. Don’t worry..we are not moving in with you.

We believe in looking for ways to create personal moments. This does not mean that you need to get a room.

We believe in asking why. Every choice you make has a reason or story behind it. Tell us why.

We believe in using our knowledge and experience to create a positive impact for you and your guests. This creates the memories that you will remember for the rest of your life.

We believe that you can have fun planning an event. Grab some margaritas and cut loose!

We believe that you have every right to be a guest at your own event. Enjoy yourself.

We believe that the best ideas always come from you. We can’t wait to hear them.

We believe that it’s okay to change your mind.  After all, it’s your day.

We believe that we should work with you, not for you. Let’s get to work.

We believe that showing up, spinning tunes and making announcements is only a small part of what we do. A very small part.

We believe that our music should be obtained legally. We sleep well at night.

We believe that we should be a legal entity (licensed and insured). No fly-by-night operation here.

We believe in always arriving early to any event. Better late than never doesn’t work in this business.

We believe that consuming alcohol during our performance leads to poor decisions, so we choose not to. Go ahead..you can have ours.

We believe that no profanity or inappropriate content should ever come from our music selections or while we are on the microphone. Grandma will be so proud…

We believe that our employees should represent the same professionalism and conduct that we demonstrate. I shall call him..Mini-me.

We believe that new technology should be embraced and used to enhance your experience. Bring it in here technology..give us a hug.

We believe that we deserve to make a fair and honest profit based on our talent and experience. Contrary to popular belief, it takes money to run a business.

We believe in doing things the right way, not the easy way. It’s not easy but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We believe in making decisions and owning the results.

We believe in saying “We are sorry” when we make mistakes. Shocking, I know.

We believe in taking full responsibility for things that are in our control. The buck stops with us.

We believe in saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ and ‘Sir’ and ‘Ma’am’. There is always room for respect.

We believe you should never, ever stop learning. Ever.

We believe in knowing what others don’t, so that we can do what others can’t. Go ahead..put us to the test.

We believe it isn’t bragging if it’s true. Is that wrong?

We believe in the power of fuzzy kittens. They’re so fluffy!