Love Stories

One of the unique features that I offer includes the telling of your love story. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for your guests to learn how you met, fell in love and became engaged? By letting me tell your love story, your guests feel included and they will cheer even louder!


Have you ever wondered how some people make it look so easy? Believe me, a lot of planning went into making it look flawless. Staging is used to make your wedding better.

Some examples include:
Staying out of view until you are introduced. It makes the introduction look more polished and professional as well as adding anticipation and excitement. Instructing the toastmakers on where to stand, where to look as they speak, and how to end their toast. These subtle acts take your event to a higher level

 Customized introductions for your wedding party

Most of your guests do not know your wedding party, nor do they know why they were chosen. A short introduction of the people in your wedding party can make the entire event more intimate. It could be humorous and over the top. It could be nostalgic, sentimental or full of excitement. You can shape this into whatever you desire. Pick a theme that reflects your relationship and explore some ideas that will maximize the impact of your wedding.


Grand Entrances

Your grand entrance is an exciting part of your reception. It is a great opportunity to express your personal style and taste. There are many ways that range from traditional to original. Some original ideas could include movies, TV, sports, fantasy, etc. Talk with us to discuss ideas that will personalize your grand entrance.

Silhouette & Spotlight Grand Entrances

Do you want to create a real wow factor? Try a silhouette or spotlight entrance.

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