Michael Thoma, Owner of M & T Event Entertainment


Welcome to M & T Event Entertainment! It is great to meet you!

I want to make a difference in the event and wedding entertainment industry. Since 2004, my passion has been learning and finding out what will create a great experience for you. I am serious about having fun and I am not satisfied with simply sitting in the corner just playing music. It is my responsibility to design a quality event because nothing ever happens on its own. There is so much more that can be experienced, so much more to offer.  My purpose is to work with you so that together, we can create an interactive experience that your guests will rave about!

Every celebration is special, but not all DJs are created equal. I started on a quest to learn everything that I could in order to create a better experience for you. Learning from some great people who freely shared their experiences helped me to master my craft. My heart is truly grateful for everything that they have taught me.

Even though I perform at birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, school and corporate events, weddings are my specialty. I have worked hard to create a detailed itinerary that covers every aspect of your event. No detail, no matter how small is overlooked. My events are creatively designed and tailored to you. There is only one chance to get it right and it is a responsibility that I take seriously. If you are concerned about the success of your party, I urge you to contact me!

Tori, CTO, Partner M & T Event Entertainment


In college, I picked up the guitar and taught myself how to play. A few months later I was in a band. After going through a lot of bands, I found one I liked and started touring. I experienced recording albums, videos and was even offered a record contract. The band had a fight over the record contract and broke up. I finished college and left the dream of being a rock star behind.

Of course, owning a PA system gets lots of attention from friends and family. Well, I performed quite a few weddings and other events. CD’s had just come out but mostly I used cassettes. It is not easy using cassettes, but I did it. When I met Mike, I was performing at the local open mic events every week and helping to host the events.

When we met

Mike and I hit it off and we decided to start this company. We pooled our resources and M & T Event Entertainment was born. My passion for music and performing, along with my electronics and computer science background, makes M & T Event Entertainment unique.

Yes, I still DJ and I can mix songs well. Our styles are very different though, so you won’t find us mixing with one another. When I am with Mike, I am handling any of the other hundred little things I do in the background to keep the event running smoothly. Nothing ever just happens.

What the heck is she doing?

At any given event you may find me mixing music, setting up equipment, fixing something that is not working or lying on the ground tying down tent flaps to keep the tent dry. (Yes, it is true. I have done that more than once)

I do whatever it takes to make the event better. While I do DJ on my own, I prefer working as a team with Mike. In this case, the team is truly greater than the sum of the individuals. We have a passion for this and it is not just a job. It is our responsibility to make your day special. We only have one chance to get it right. There are no retakes.

Live from New York, it’s Saturday…oops. But seriously, your event can be compared to a live TV show. Only one take, one chance to get it right. We enjoy having fun and helping you create the best day possible. It is something that we take very seriously. Well, I am off to work on creating the next big thing. Is it a new photo booth? Is it a really cool lighting rig? … stay tuned to find out… I hope to work with you on your special event soon!

Mike & Tori