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 Michael, Owner M & T Event Entertainment



Welcome to M & T Event Entertainment! I know that you want to dive right into the good stuff, but first my boring intro. My name is Michael Thoma and I am the owner of M & T Event Entertainment. As a professional master of ceremonies and DJ, I stumbled into this profession awhile back when I started hosting karaoke and it quickly grew into hosting weddings. Using my talent, I make guests feel comfortable, laugh, cry, dance and even act a little crazy, creating a signature wedding celebration that is creatively designed.  I get the chance to help hundreds of couples celebrate their happiness and love with family and friends. Isn’t that the coolest job?

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Do you want to share your love and happiness with your closest family and friends? Do you want them to know that they are special? The way that you accomplish this is to find little things to personalize your special day and truly make ‘your own’. How is this done? By becoming creative partners with us! We will get together on a regular basis and discuss ideas that describe your personal taste and style.

What is your style?

Are you a sports fan? Like movies?…sci-fi? Why not create an awesome themed grand entrance? The possibilities are endless! Another way to personalize your wedding is to let us have the honor of telling your love story. Your guests will learn how you met, fell in love and how the proposal led you to this day. Your guests will love it!

There are many other activities including the centerpiece game, the shoe-lywed game, the anniversary dance and the apron dance. Weddings are my passion and it is a great responsibility that I do not take lightly. You only get one chance to make the wedding the best it can be.

If you are looking for excellence, I urge you to contact us. If you would like more information, schedule a time to speak with us and we will answer all of your questions and show you how to have the best wedding ever!



Tori, Owner M & T Event Entertainment

The first play that I can remember was in kindergarten. I actually missed the performance of that play due to being taken to the hospital because a childhood illness was rearing its ugly head. Taking guitar lessons at some point taught me little and I continued to perform and sing throughout my school and Sunday school years. I took up the trumpet in middle school. In college, I picked up the guitar again. Self-taught this time, a few months later I was in a band. I started touring with one band for a time, recording albums, videos and even being offered a record contract. The band had a fight over the record contract and broke up. I finished college and left the dream of being a rock star behind.

When I met Mike I was performing at the local open mic events every week and helping to host the events. Once again people were interested in my music. I began writing songs again and people were asking me to play with them. I also was doing a comedy show fairly regularly and was one of the regular players on that show for over a year. Mike and I hit it off and we decided to start this company. We pooled our resources and M & T Event Entertainment was born. My passion for music and performing, along with my electronics and computer science background, help make M & T Event Entertainment unique.

What is she doing?

At an event you may find me mixing music as the only local female DJ, setting up equipment, fixing something that is not working or lying on the ground tying down tent flaps as it rains and the wind blows them open to keep the tent dry. I do whatever it takes to make the event better. While I sometimes DJ on my own, I prefer working as a team with my husband Mike. In this case, the team is truly greater than the sum of the individuals. We have a passion for this and it is not just a job. It is our responsibility to make your day special. We only have one chance to get it right. No retakes here….this is LIVE. We enjoy having fun and helping you create the best day possible. We take it very seriously. Well, I am off to work on creating the next big thing. I hope to work with you on your special event soon!

Mike & Tori