What makes me different? Capturing the moment

What makes me different? Capturing the Moment

Pictures are a very important part of any wedding or event. Your photographer is looking to capture the moment, the emotion, and the best that you can be. By taking the time to look through the eyes of the photographer, I can see what will create a perfect picture. If something will detract from that moment, I will ask if I can alter it or remove it so that the pictures will be perfect.

What does this mean?

I take a moment to look at every aspect of your event. My focus is on your special day. If the party is outside, and the sides of the reception tent are flapping, I will tie them down. I pick up trash and place it in the proper receptacles. I neatly bundle the power cords to my equipment. My crew takes the time to position the wedding party behind you during the introductions.

I turn off my party lights for special photos. A point is made to have every one of your family members in the room for your toasts and special dances. By keeping the photographers informed of what is happening, they can be ready to capture these great moments.

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