You should ask these questions to every DJ you interview.


  1. Do you have a business license? Yes, I provide entertainment services. I am also a member of the American Disc Jockey Association ( ADJA) and the Photo Booth Association (PBA)

  2. Do you carry insurance? Yes, I carry a DJ policy for my music and equipment. I have a separate photographer policy for my photo booth.

  3. Is your music legal? Yes, I am sent the latest radio-edited songs about twice a week.

  4. Do you require a contract? Yes, I do. A written contract protects both of us.
  5. Can we meet with you in person to sign the contract? I wouldn’t have any other way! Our initial meeting is crucial. You need to build trust with me and I need to see if we are a match as creative partners. 
  6. Who will be my DJ? Me, my wife Tori, or both! You will talk with me, go through the planning with me and I will host your event. I am not a booking agency that will merely send a DJ to your event. I do not bait and switch. 

  7. How many events have you hosted? I have performed at hundreds of events. Just like any other profession, performing for weddings and events requires my skills to be in top form. By asking how many weddings I do per year, it gives you an indication of my level of commitment to your type of event. 

  8. Do you have backup equipment? Yes, I carry backup equipment. There are 2 laptops that act independently. If one experiences trouble, the other takes over.

  9. What is staging? It is preparing something ahead of time. An event’s success depends on how well it is planned.

    Frequently Asked Performance Questions

  10. Do you just play music or do you MC my wedding too? Possessing a strong presence on the microphone is essential for a wedding or a mobile event. I am very comfortable hosting your event. As your Master of Ceremonies, I will also handle making all of your introductions and announcements. I interject my personality into your performance to create a fun atmosphere. You can rest assured that I won’t play cheesy music or tell lame jokes.
  11. Do you accept requests and playlists?  An appropriate request will be honored. You may provide a playlist if you wish.

  12. How will you be dressed? l usually wear a tux shirt with a vest and bow tie. For less formal events, I will choose a shirt and tie. Tori has a number of outfits that are appropriate for different levels of formality.

  13. How early will you arrive? I arrive anywhere from 2- 5 hours early depending on what I am bringing to your event.

  14. Will you drink alcohol at my event? Absolutely not. This is your day to celebrate with family and friends. It is also my job to entertain you. This is my responsibility to you and your guests. Even the mere perception that I have been affected by alcohol can alter my reputation. My reputation is too great to risk. Don’t worry about me, if you are having a good time, I am having a good time!

  15. May we contact your references? References are a major part of the entertainment business. I would be happy to provide you with email addresses from my previous clients.

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