Jared and Shari Newkirk’s Love Story

Jared and Shari’s Love Story

This is the Love Story between Jared and Shari. They have known each other basically for their entire lives. Shari’s brother Jeff was Jared’s best friend and they all went to school together. But Jared always preferred to hang out with Shari. They played cards and did lots of things together.

During her 11th grade year, Shari’s father was offered a new job in North Carolina and that meant that they would be moving. This didn’t keep them apart though. Shari would come up to visit Jared regularly. When they got together it was just like old times. Even though Jared had always liked Shari, she never thought of him in that way. Jared wasn’t a ‘bad boy’ and didn’t need to be ‘fixed’ so, therefore, offered no challenge.

Later on, Shari had a son named Justin and the ‘bad boy’ did not appeal to her anymore. She wanted to have a real man in her life. Someone who would mold her son and teach him how to treat girls properly. Just the way that Jared had always treated her. One day, Shari decided to see what would happen if Jared was given a “real date”. Jared came down to North Carolina and they went to the Renaissance Fair for their first date. They had a wonderful time and that date changed the relationship forever. Jared said that he should have asked her sooner, but Shari stated that it would not have been the right time.

Justin and Jared

Justin developed a real connection with Jared. Jared planned a trip to Dave & Buster’s so that Justin could go with them. They all had a blast together! Jared taught Justin how to fish and do other manly things. They created a real bond together. It was this interaction that caught Shari’s eye. Her heart filled with love as she watched how the two of them interacted together. She knew that Jared was the one.

They faced a small problem though. Jared lived in West Virginia and Shari lived in North Carolina. Who would move? They asked Justin where he wanted to live. He had only been on one trip to West Virginia and even though he had lived in North Carolina his entire life, Justin wanted to move here! So, they made plans to do just that. Shari and Justin moved up to West Virginia on July 20th, 2016.

They had all been together for 6 months or so, and the thought of popping the question entered Jared’s mind. He had listened as Shari described the ring that she dreamed about. She wanted a princess cut diamond with just the right setting. So on February 7th, 2017, Jared went to Kay Jewelers and found that perfect ring. He rushed back to the house because he wanted to catch Shari by surprise. They were cleaning the house from top to bottom when Jared felt the opportunity arise. They were sweaty, hair all a mess, dusty, dirty and Jared had a thought “ This is as real as marriage gets”. Jared entered the room upstairs where Shari was working on bills. He got down on one knee and proposed. Well, to say the least, Shari was caught by surprise.

The Wedding Plans

They began to make wedding plans and the news of these two started to spread. Jared had never really dated anyone and people were shocked to hear that Jared was actually engaged. One day as Shari was picking up some Crown Royal, the clerk heard her name said. She exclaimed, ” OMG, You do exist!” (like Shari was a Leprechaun or a Unicorn) I imagine that Christmas M & M’s commercial…lol

As you have witnessed earlier, these two life-long friends married each other today, Friday, October 13th, 2017. This just goes to show you what kind of twisted sense of humor these two have. Ladies and gentleman, it is my pleasure to give you Jared and Shari, the new Mr. and Mrs. Newkirk.

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