Video Booth

A video guest book is a great alternative to the standard guest book.

Your guests can leave personal video messages.

All video booth rentals include the following:

A ton of quality Props

Our photo booth has all of the classic props that you know and love!

We constantly update them to increase your experience. We provide a lot of quality props, so you will always find something to match your personality and style!


Photo booth direct downloads is an M & T Event Entertainment exclusive service:

As a standard service, we also offer direct downloads of the photo booth instantly to your smartphone.

This service can be provided anywhere because it does not need an internet connection or a cell phone signal.

Simply connect to our photo booth wifi, type in the URL provided and find your picture. Click download. This service is onlyavailable with M & T Event Entertainment photo booth.



Wherever there’s an M & T Event Entertainment photo booth, there’s a trusty attendant nearby. These highly trained individuals are professional, fun and skilled in all things awesome. While our booths are fully equipped to function on their own, our staff will be there to ensure all equipment is running smoothly and encourage guests to break out of their shells. From assisting the rowdy crowds with props to holding your grandma’s hand while she takes her place in the booth, they’ve got you covered.