Grand entrances

Most of your guests do not know your wedding party nor do they know why they were chosen. A short introduction of the people in your wedding party can make the entire event more intimate and you can, as our creative partners, shape this into whatever you desire. It could all be false and humorous. It could be nostalgic, sentimental or full of over the top excitement. As our partners pick a theme that optimizes your relationship with each other and reflects your personalities. We can explore ideas with you to maximize the impact of this on your wedding.

Make it fun!

Close your eyes and think of your grand entrance. Excitement is in the air. Your wedding party is waiting for their introductions. Do you want them to just walk in or do you want to truly make a ‘grand’ entrance? Craft your introduction to contain humor and fun. Create a sports-themed entrance ESPN style or a sci-fi introduction complete with lightsabers and sound effects.

How cool would it be to ride in on a motorcycle? How about arriving on horseback, a 4-wheeler, or even a tractor? Choose music that matches your personality and style.This is your special day and the possibilities are endless, so create something spectacular!