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Ultimate Guide to DJ Pricing

Straight talk about wedding prices:
There have been a few articles recently that stated entertainers artificially inflate wedding prices. This is simply not true. While it is true that weddings cost more than a party, weddings require much more planning and production than a simple party. It is a matter of the man-hours applied to your wedding. At a simple party, we can just show up and play music with little to no planning. There are no weddings that do not require planning and production.

We spend an average of 25 to 30 hours per wedding preparing the music, itinerary, etc.. That is before we ever arrive at the venue. This does not include our meetings, calls, or anything else. Would you want the caterer to show up at your wedding with no idea what is on the menu?

We bring an average of $8000 worth of equipment to your wedding. Our own table and linens, speakers, wireless microphones and lavalieres, backups and even lights. We pay for software to make planning easier for you, websites, music subscriptions, equipment, and liability insurance not to mention vehicle costs, phones, and daily office costs.

Why? Because we want to provide the best for you.

This is a once in a lifetime event, you simply have only one chance to get it right. There has to be planning to make it successful. Why would anyone trust a $400 DJ to orchestrate this important life event? Are they a legitimate licensed business? Are they insured?  Have they performed at hundreds of weddings?

Our prices range from simple receptions (no ceremony) starting at $800, up to several thousand, depending on the amount of time, personnel, special equipment, and planning involved. There are many variables to determine the actual price of a wedding.  It is our view that it is better for the client to price each wedding individually to give you only want you to want and need.