Your dream, your way

I am always looking to find those who want to put their dreams to work and create the most positive impact on their celebration. Your guests will take away the best possible memories and they will remember it for a long time. We can only suggest ideas that might make your event special. By describing your ideas to us, a dream begins to grow. By working with us, your dream becomes reality.


Happy Couple Enjoy    

Have you ever taken a trip to Disney world? The attractions are more than just a ride, they are an experience. Maybe you would like to create a wondrous experience for your guests. The illusion of falling leaves, a gentle snowfall, the moon shining brightly on a starlit night, fire and ice, a journey underwater, or maybe a trip to a distant land. Let us show you how.

Your reception could include personal or funny introductions as part of your Grand Entrance. You can share special pre-recorded words for your someone special. How about exploring ways to invite guest tables up to the buffet, or adding a game for the children? If it’s in your imagination, let’s make it happen.

If we could create anything or any feeling for your dream wedding, what would it be? We want to hear from you. After all, this is your event. We could give you our interpretation of success, but it is much more powerful when ideas come from you. Your personality, your style, your sense of humor.

Every story has a beginning

Take some time to chat with us. Your eyes will be opened to the possibilities of what could be. Do you like practical jokes? Let’s plan one. Are you a fan of movies, TV, science fiction? Let’s explore what you love about them and incorporate that into your event. Your guests will love it and also learn more about you.

If you are getting married, how about creating something romantic and special for your spouse? Let us record your voice telling them how much they mean to you. We will discuss the best times to use this during the reception.

Instead of the boring introductions, try writing short bios about each member of your wedding party. We can put create funny introductions complete with sound bites, songs, and pop culture references. These introductions will be hysterical and your guests will enjoy learning about your friends in a new, entertaining way.