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Does anyone sell passion?

Who is selling passion these days? Many companies talk about how great their equipment is and their awesome ability to rock a wedding. They talk about the wonderful packages they have and how they are ‘the best in town’! But very few choose to actually create a personal relationship with their couples.

Did you talk to the client? Did you explore their personality and style? Did you ask them about their dreams? By listening and taking notes, you will find out who they are and what they want. Do not be afraid to ask how they want their reception to be and be ready to offer ideas, not dictation.

Most importantly, you need to find out why they think that way. It is the key to personalizing their wedding and it will guarantee that the memories created will last a lifetime.


A 40-Hour Wedding

Have you ever heard of a 40-hour wedding? Really? It happens at almost every wedding that I perform. Let me break it down…
This wedding included the ceremony, reception, lighting, and a photo booth.

Travel to venue for rehearsal- 1hour
Rehearsal- 2 hours
Travel back home- 1hour
Loading the van- 1 hour
Travel to venue- 1 hour
Set-up the event- 4 hours
The ceremony started at 3 PM. 6-hour event- 6 hours
Break-down the event- 3 hours
Travel back home- 1 hour
Unload the van- 1 hour
Total= 21 hours

This just represents the hours dedicated to the reception.

There were countless phone calls, emails, two planning meetings, music research, downloading of music, programming, Itinerary reviews, modifications, rewrites, contacting and working with the photographer and caterer, not to mention the hours I spent planning on my own.

It takes a lot of work to create a fun wedding.

Nathan and Taylor Boyd’s Wedding

Nathan and Taylor Boyd married their best friend today. They have loved each other since High School and today I was truly honored to play a part in their wedding celebration. 📸🎶💕🍾💍🙂
It was held at the beautiful Wild Goose Farm in Shepherdstown, WV. Taylor surprised everyone as she arrived in a horse drawn carriage from Country Roads Carriages in Martinsburg, WV. After the ceremony, they offered anyone who wanted a ride around the farm.
Special moments were created with Nathan and Taylor’s First Dance, Taylor’s Dance with her father, Tony Oates and a remembrance dance with Nathan’s sisters, Brittany and Lindsay. Many family members joined the circle while “You Should Be Here” by Cole Swindell played.
Things really kicked into high gear as two dudes squared off in an epic dance battle to “Billie Jean’…It was awesome😂🎶 There was a sparkler send-off and the night ended with everyone gathered in a circle singing “Country Roads” by John Denver at the top of their lungs. A truly magnificent night!





















Emotions Fuse A Memory

Emotions fuse a memory in place. If I said “think of a happy time’, your mind will catalog back through and focus on a particular event. You will then be able to walk me through that memory. That is what makes a wedding so powerful. We, as entertainers have the unique opportunity to help people create memories that they get to treasure forever. You can create joy, excitement, wonder, nostalgia, sentiment, and tears. We are extremely powerful. Do not waste the opportunity to create something special and memorable for your couples and their guests!

You are there to do more than just play music and make some announcements. Get to know your clients. Ask them how they met, fell in love. Ask your bride what she was feeling as her fiance popped the question. Don’t be afraid…Find out what makes them click as a couple. Ask about their family and friends. After all, this is two families who are joining to become one. Use that knowledge to create a positive impact.

A very easy question starts with one word, ‘why?’. This question is not used to criticize, but to understand the deeper reason behind it.  Why was this certain song chosen? Why is it important that you light a candle in remembrance? Why did you choose these flowers, this dress, this venue? Once you have gained this knowledge, share it. The guests will develop an ’emotional investment’ in the event. They will understand the personality and style of your couple. They will have more fun and you will too!

Chris and Jenna Osborne Wedding

We had a wonderful day celebrating the wedding between Chris and Jenna Osborne. They were married at The Old House Winery in Culpeper, Va. on August 26th, 2017.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day at this 75-acre working vineyard. The Old House Winery is unique by offering a lock bridge. New couples attach a padlock to the ropes of the dock and toss the keys in the pond, signifying their ultimate commitment to one another.

Chris and Jenna, we wish you love, luck and happiness as you begin your new lives together! 💍

M & T Events-Creating Moments, Making Memories

M & T Events Ranson, WV
Published by Michael ThomaFebruary 10

Professional Master of Ceremonies, DJ, uplighting, photo booths and more!

Visit us at www.mntevents.com 304-728-6953 / 443-848-1832

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Parker’s Crazy Cookies

M & T Events
Published by Michael ThomaFebruary 11

We look for ways to personalize your wedding. I thought this was a cool, original way to bring a personal touch to your event!

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M & T Events

M & T Events Ranson, WV
Published by Michael ThomaFebruary 12

So true..so true

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M & T Events

M & T Events Ranson, WV
Published by Michael ThomaFebruary 16

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M & T Events-Bride v. Groom Wedding Though Process

M & T Events Ranson, WV
Published by Michael ThomaFebruary 16

This is the best explanation for the difference between Bride and Groom wedding preparation. Gentleman, please help your brides as much as you can. They will thank you for it!

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