Nikki and Ryan Martin’s Love Story

Nikki and Ryan Martin’s Love Story

I would like to share with you the Love Story between Nikki and Ryan. It all began back in 1993. Penny and David Martin got caught up in the spirit of the Christmas holiday. Meanwhile, Missy and Joseph Woodrum were keeping each other warm in February. Unbeknownst to both of them 9 months later, Nikki and Ryan were born.

Nikki grew up in Greenbrier County and Ryan grew up in Mercer County. She loved horseback riding, playing in the creek and 4H camp while Ryan was a sportsman- He learned to hunt and fish but also liked baseball and football.

How they met

Nikki and Ryan met when they were 17. Nikki’s best friend was dating Ryan’s best friend and they ran into one another often. One day the subject of hunting came up. Nikki had never been hunting, so Ryan asked if she wanted to go. Although she did not like the idea of shooting animals, she did enjoy the company.

One night Ryan was dropping Nikki off at her house and she casually said, ‘See you later, love ya!’ (This was something that she said to her parents) Well, Ryan started laughing and joked with his friends ‘Do you know that Nikki loves me?’ But it was not long before Nikki and Ryan started to fall in love. They had dinner and went to the movies but couldn’t remember what happened on the date. All they knew was they wanted to be together. Ryan was off every Friday from school and Nikki was constantly in trouble because she would cut class.

Later that year tragedy almost struck. While attending the fair, Ryan ate Nikki’s cinnamon bun and it caused such a fight that Nikki almost broke up with him. Remember Ryan, never get in between Nikki and a delicious cinnamon pastry!

In 2013, Nikki graduated from James Monroe High and Ryan graduated from Ballard Christian School. They graduated on the same day, so they could not see each other. Nikki and Ryan bought a house on Bunker Hill. Nikki went to college at New River and then Bluefield State where she will graduate next year! Ryan went straight into the workforce at Jennmar where he creates roof supports for the coal mines.

The proposal

Several weeks before Nikki’s 19th birthday, Ryan started acting secretive. Nikki thought it was gift related and was hoping for a puppy. Ryan wanted to have a little birthday party for her at the church but Nikki told him she would rather have it at a little restaurant in Peterstown called ‘Hometown’. Nikki and Ryan’s immediate family were there and after the order arrived, she noticed Ryan had dropped his sandwich & spilled his tea. He was never clumsy before, but it still didn’t click. Nikki opened her gifts and when it got to Ryan, Nikki opened up some stuff from Victoria’s Secret. She was stumped. Nikki was sure there was a puppy around here somewhere. As she was thanking everyone for coming, Ryan said he had one more gift. He nervously pulled out a scrap piece of paper and after reciting some sweet words Ryan asked Nikki to be his wife. She said yes!

It wasn’t long before they heard the pitter-patter of little paws. Nikki received her new golden retriever puppy, Bogart and you saw him in the ceremony today. Nearly 6 years after they met each other, we were witness to the wedding that has happened today, July 1st, 2017. I am honored to be a part of this special day and to work with this amazing couple. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Nikki and Ryan Martin!

This wedding and reception were held at The Old Salt Sulpher Springs.

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