Rion and Mary Ann Wimer’s Love Story

Rion and Mary Ann Wimer’s Love Story

This is the Love Story about how Rion and Mary Ann met. It also has audience participation. What makes this story fascinating is it has so many parallels and many mirrored events. There are more parallels than a globe and more mirrors than a fun house.

Rion and Mary Ann #YEAH!! both grew up on cattle farms. Mary Ann grew up on a farm in Romney and Rion grew up on a farm in Keyser. Even though Mary Ann loved sports and church, she was very active in 4-H same as Rion who was also a member of the FFA. They both helped raise beef cattle for the fair and market.

Mary Ann attended Hampshire High and Rion was at Keyser High They both wound up in college at WVU. Rion went to Potomac State first and then WVU while Mary Ann started there. Well, Mary Ann went to pursue pharmaceuticals and Rion became a highway engineer. Now, by this time, you may think that the trail goes cold but I say Nay, Nay.

Mary Ann’s father Dick worked with Rion and his cousins attended the same church as Mary Ann. (You can see it warming up, so here we go.) In 2013, Aunt Sue started talking about this wonderful girl and encouraged Rion to met her. Finally, in January of 2014, he worked up the courage to reach out and talk to her. Rion and Mary Ann #YEAH!! continued phone conversations for about 2 months. Rion said that they should go on a date and Mary Ann agreed.

They decided to go dinner and then catch the sequel to 300 at the Alamo Draft House. Calamity struck when Rion called Mary Ann with bad news #OH NO!!… he was running late. (Not good for a first date.) Somehow, Mary Ann saw past it and accepted his apology. Since they were running late, the nice dinner they planned changed to having dinner at the Alamo. Surprisingly, (Or was it??) #Twilight Zone, Rion’s cousins were at the theater too.

Rion and Mary Ann #YEAH!! grew to love each other and on a trip back from Virginia Beach, Rion said those three magic words. On their anniversary, they made their relationship official and six months after that, Rion and Mary Ann #YEAH!! had the idea that this could be permanent.

Rion knew that Mary Ann loved to go on walks. They had wonderful conversations and talked about their dreams and plans. On June 11th, 2016, they took a walk along the river at Mary Ann’s family farm. It was a beautiful sunny day and Rion had more than just a walk planned that day. He was nervous but he planned to propose along the riverbank. He didn’t want to arouse any suspicion, so he took the ring out of the box and put it in his pocket. When he felt the moment was right, he pulled the ring out, knelt to one knee and said ‘ Mary Ann Kirk-ken-dall, will you marry me?’ Mary Ann responded ‘Yes’ and started to cry.

Thus began the whirlwind of plans for the wedding that has happened today, June 24th, 2017. I am honored to be a part of this special day and to work with this amazing couple. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Rion and Mary Ann Wimer.

This wedding reception was held at The Romney Volunteer Fire Department Hall.

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