M & T Event Entertainment Karaoke Experience

M & T Event Entertainment is multi-faceted and karaoke is no exception. We wanted to make sure that we had what you want, so we update our files constantly and we have included “The top 500 most requested songs” to our books. You really shouldn’t have to go much further than that to pick out a song you like, but feel free to look through our vast library. One final note; don’t see what you are looking for? Just ask; we probably have it.


Are you concerned about keeping the rotation pure? We never liked being snubbed when we came out to enjoy ourselves and neither should you! Everyone is welcome and everyone will be treated fairly. Song averages per hour are about 10, so we keep things moving as swiftly as we can. Sometimes the rotation may be long, but if you want to sing; you will sing. Our system electronically keeps track of the rotation so you will never be forgotten or skipped. And our system also stores the songs you sing. You don’t have to worry about remembering that song from last week! Pretty cool, huh?

We have a professional system including wireless microphones, songbooks plus an electronic songbook that you can access from your smartphone, a huge TV, floor monitors so you can hear yourself and a video monitor so you can face the crowd and not the wall as you sing.

M & T Event Entertainment Karaoke