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We look forward to making your event memorable and FUN. We believe in great photos, good people and the power of fuzzy kittens. They’re so fluffy!



Photo Booths:

(Open Style)
Always a great choice. We can accommodate singles and couples to large groups of people. So, grab your besties and make it more fun for everyone.
Green Screen  Green Screen, or Chroma Key can transport you anywhere you would like to go. Would you like to visit Outer Space? The Eiffel Tower? Vegas? Or do you need a step and repeat background?

M & T has a background in Television and Movie production and we know everything that is involved to create a professional green screen effect. Lighting is the most important part. Proper green screen effects cannot be done well with only one light. Background selection is also very important. You must pay attention to scale and perspective if it is to be believable.  Note: Generally it is not advisable to have props with the green screen as it ruins the believably. Also, you should advise your guests to not wear green clothing. Just think floating head and you’ll get the idea.

 Animated Gif  Photos taken can be assembled into an animated GIF. Of course you cannot print an animated GIF but we can print the individual pictures that make up the GIF on a photo Strip.  
 Video You can have a video guest book where people can leave a short video message instead of or in addition to the standard guest book.
Our newest addition: The Magic Mirror Photo Booth  The magic mirror booth is an attractive option to the standard black box.  

All Photo Booth rentals include the following:

150+ Props

Our Photo Booth has all of the classic props that you know and love, and we constantly update them to increase your experience. We provide over 150 props for our photo booth.

Photo Booth Direct Downloads an M & T events exclusive service:

We also offer, as a standard service, direct downloads of the photo booth pictures taken at an event instantly to you or your guests smartphones. Simply connect to our photo booth wifi, type in the url provided and find the picture you want to download and click on download. This service is only available with M & T Events photo booth. This works without an internet connection or a cell phone signal. It can be done anywhere.


Photo Printer:

Our printer is a professional photo printer. Not a standard inkjet. Your photos are printed on photo paper by a thermal, dye sublimation printer then the printer puts a gloss coat over the image making it archival (smudge and fingerprint proof.) Our printer will print one 4 X 6″ postcard or two 2 X 6″ strips every 10 seconds.


Unlimited Prints*:

The more the merrier is what we say. There is no limit to the number of prints you all will take home with you! Our process is short and sweet so you and your guests can enjoy the booth over and over again. From flash to print, the whole process is lighting fast printing in just 20 seconds. Whether you choose our traditional double strip of 3 photos or our easily frame-able 4×6 layout, you’ll have an archive quality print faster than you can say cheese. *We print a photo for each person in the booth.

Custom Design:

The text area of the photo strip can contain your logo, your picture, incorporate your wedding colors, the sky is the limit.



Wherever there’s a M & T Events Photo Booth, there’s a trusty attendant nearby. These highly trained individuals are professional, fun and skilled in all things awesome. While our booths are fully equipped to function on their own, our staff will be there to ensure all equipment is running smoothly and encourage guests to break out of their shells. From assisting the rowdy crowds with props to holding your grandma’s hand while she takes her seat in the booth, they’ve got you covered.



Pictures from our photo booth will provide a memorable keepsake for you and your guests. You will receive a CD of every picture that was taken and you will fondly remember the occasion every time you look at those photos.


Photo Books:

Photo books are also available so that you can keep all the great photos that were taken that night as well as all the well-wishes that were written. It is a great alternative to the standard “Guest Book”.


Slide Show:

Side show of all the photos taken. We provide a 50″ television with a slide show that shows all the pictures taken at your event, The slide show is automatically updated when another photo is taken.


Alexis told us about her experience with us:

WOW what a phenomenal photo booth!!! I wasn’t sure what to expect from these guys because they’re fairly new and I couldn’t find many reviews, but really, wow. They had fantastic props (and tons of them) and my guests had a BLAST taking pictures!! He made double prints of each shot to put in my guest book and instructed people to sign next to their pictures, I can’t wait to look through it after the honeymoon. And customer service is their true specialty. I probably went through 10 different iterations of what I wanted for the design of the photos, and Mike was so patient with me and worked with me very closely on every detail. THEN…. I decided 5 minutes before he and his wife were supposed to leave that I wanted them to stay an extra hour and they agreed despite having been working since 7am that day! Truly kind people. Fantastic experience. Thanks Mike!!!!


With a gazillion events under our belt, our small team of photo booth enthusiasts know how important each and every wedding is from DIY to black tie! More importantly we understand that adding a photo booth to your celebration is something that should be simple, painless, and above all, fun! That’s why we make sure everything from booking M & T Events Photo Booths to customizing your photo strips is always easy and enjoyable. We live and breathe photo booths and take great pride in what they represent. Nothing brings friends, families and even complete strangers together like a booth. Your guests will love the chance to let their hair down, don some glasses and share a moment that will forever be saved.

Here are just a few of the reasons to say “I Do” to M & T Events Photo Booths:

  • Unrivaled photo quality
  • Friendly and professional staff well versed in proper wedding etiquette
  • Plus all the great stuff mentioned above like premium props and unlimited prints.


From Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups, our booths are guaranteed to charm the pants off of any CEO, employee or client. Whether you’re having a grand opening, a holiday party or just want to tell your employees ‘thank you’, we make it incredibly fun and easy to do. M & T Events Photo Booths creates a tangible connection between the user and your company. Our graphic designers will work with you to help brand the images to your liking. And because you can brand these, our photos will serve as promotion on fridges far and wide long after your event is over. Customize your event to include social media integration and take your brand impact one step further.If you are thinking outside the box of our typical rental, we have handymen who love a good challenge. Please see below for examples of our creative genius.



There are no limits to the creative photo booth solutions that we can provide for you or your brand. Store openings, festivals, promotional tours, award ceremonies, you name it, we have a solution that will leave a lasting impression.With a variety of options that include branded photographs, custom backdrops or scenes, social media integrations and much more, we create and empower happy new promoters of your brand.


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