Kaitlynn was ecstatic about her wedding:

Mike was the best DJ we could have gone with for our wedding. He is a really good entertainer and got the crowd involved! He asked us what kind of wedding DJ we wanted; did we want a casual relaxed type of wedding or did we want a non-stop dance party? When we said we wanted an awesome party type of feel, he really provided. Our guests seemed to never leave the dance floor! It seemed like he really felt what the crowd wanted and took it from there. I gave him our list, plus some of our guests requests and he integrated them all while mixing in some of his own ideas. My husband and I could really not have asked for a better DJ, it made our entire wedding night! We are still getting comments on how our wedding was the most fun wedding anyone has been to. We couldn’t have had such an amazing wedding reception if it wasn’t for Mike.

Weddings are very special to us and we would love to be a part of making your big day extra special. We are dedicated to making dreams become reality and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks to our detailed wedding itinerary, your special day will be personalized to your specifications to ensure peace of mind and a stress-free experience. We will go over every detail with you in our free consultation; from start to finish.

Wedding Fun-guests-dancing_0 Wedding_Dance_2
Wedding Fun Wedding Dancing

We go that extra mile to ensure all issues are sorted out before your big day. In addition, we will give you a personal number to contact us with those “little changes” that always pop up or just to talk when you are stressed. We also offer additional options including monograms, projection mapping, first dance spotlight or dancing on the clouds and a wide variety of lighting displays to add ambiance and style to the room and really make your dance floor come alive! Our lighting experts will add that special touch that will really add to your celebration.

Melissa wrote:

The service that Mike provided was Excellent! Even better than expected. They met with us to discuss our needs and made a few recommendations based upon what we were looking for. The price was exceptional. We even opted for lighting that added a little more elegance to the reception. Mike was very professional during the ceremony, making sure the timing was correct and the music was at acceptable volumes during our ceremony and reception. He even included a special surprise event during the reception just for us. Made the event very enjoyable. Couldn’t have asked for a better DJ. Highly recommended.

“M & T Event Entertainment did an excellent job at my wedding reception. Mike found a very old song that I wanted for my father/ daughter dance. When my crowd turned more karaoke than dancing, he went above and beyond to make it a great time. Mike was awesome and very reasonable! He also made the planning of the reception very worry-free. Highly recommend him for your occasion!” ~Kim~ 

With M & T Events you will receive:

  • Appropriate attire for your wedding with your choice from business casual to ultra formal
  • Detailed reception pre-planning and coordination with your team
  • Access to us and our experience plus our online planning guides and tools to help with the planning of your event.
  • Tasteful song lists and special requests are welcomed
  • Attention to sound levels and acoustics (never too loud or overbearing)
  • Respectful interaction with you and your guests
  • Simple elegance and refinement from polished and experienced MCs and DJs

Additional Enhancements

  • A wide variety of ambient and dance lighting to enhance the celebration (optional)
  • Projection Mapping (optional)
  • Monograms (static or active) (optional)
  • Spotlight first dance or Dance on the clouds (optional)
  • A lot of little extras to make your occasion special (love stories, personalized introductions for your wedding party, silhouette grand entrances, and much more!)

DJ Branding Shot .....This Party ROCKS! wedding-dance

Straight talk about wedding prices:
There have been a few articles recently that stated entertainers artificially inflate wedding prices. This is simply not true. While it is true that weddings cost more than a party, weddings require much more planning and production than a simple party. It is a matter of the man-hours applied to your wedding. At a simple party, we can just show up and play music with little to no planning. There are no weddings that do not require planning and production.

We spend an average of 25 to 30 hours per wedding preparing the music, itinerary, etc.. That is before we ever arrive at the venue. This does not include our meetings, calls, or anything else. Would you want the caterer to show up at your wedding with no idea what is on the menu?

We bring an average of $8000 worth of equipment to your wedding. Our own table and linens, speakers, wireless microphones and lavalieres, backups and even lights. We pay for software to make planning easier for you, websites, music subscriptions, equipment, and liability insurance not to mention vehicle costs, phones, and daily office costs.

Why? Because we want to provide the best for you.

This is a once in a lifetime event, you simply have only one chance to get it right. There has to be planning to make it successful. Why would anyone trust a $400 DJ to orchestrate this important life event? Are they a legitimate licensed business? Are they insured?  Have they performed at hundreds of weddings?

Our prices range from simple receptions (no ceremony) starting at $800, up to several thousand, depending on the amount of time, personnel, special equipment, and planning involved. There are many variables to determine the actual price of a wedding.  It is our view that it is better for the client to price each wedding individually to give you only want you to want and need.

See our Ultimate Guide for more insight into the real cost of a DJ