What makes me different? Little Things

What makes me different? Little things.

Everyone knows what a DJ does, right? They play music and make announcements. They are the ones who move the reception forward. I am not referring to any of that. By caring about the little things that personalize your event, we create a deeper experience for you and your guests.

It all starts with your consultation. I engage my couples in conversation and find out who they are. I help my couples visualize what their day will look like through their own personality and style. The very first thing that I usually say is
“This is YOUR wedding, not my interpretation of your wedding”. This is a powerful concept.

I am not looking to tell you what to do. My purpose is to help you figure out what you want and then offer suggestions on how to create that feeling, emotion, look, style, etc. By finding out why you chose that certain song, I can create a personalized introduction.

An awesome event

Taking the time to focus on the little things can make the most powerful memories. Show your guests who you are and share some personal information about your relationship. Have fun with your guests and create some wonderful moments together!

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