New Project

This is awesome! Hi, it’s Tori from M & T Event Entertainment and we did it again. The black light photo booth. At the same price as our standard photo booth.

Another project is complete! We finished the lighting truss!! It is our “mini-arena” as Mike calls it and it is awesome!. Two moving head lights, 8 pars in the truss, Our 3D laser, the quad and Revo 4, back-lit with our comet and 4 more par cans!

I am on the next project. We are constantly working to bring new things to our clients. Who knows what will be next?

While Mike says we are “positioned to be the premiere” DJ’s in the area, I say we already are. No one else locally can give you what we can and no one anywhere can meet our prices for all of this. photo booth, lighting trusses, professional DJ and karaoke services, uplights, projectors, a HUGE screen, gobos and animated gobos. No one else comes close. Besides that, we are professional at all times and our attention to detail is unsurpassed. We practice cable management meaning that we keep the cable clutter to a minimum. All to make your event nicer. Sometimes hiding all the cables is not possible but even then we do everything we can to minimize the look.

Not to mention our media conversion. Where we take your media an convert it in our professional digital studio to the format of your choice. It is our attention to detail that makes us the best.

I hope to see you soon at your event!

Animated gobos

3D animated gobos!

These are not the simple static image 2D “your name in lights” images most services offer. We can create custom 3D animated gobos for your event! Though, if it is a simple 2D static image that you want we can certainly provide that also. We can use nearly any font you wish and customize the animation and even the background, add rotation and movement, light effects, etc.